Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is your business’s digital storefront, showcasing crucial information like your name, address, phone number, hours of operation, photos, and customer reviews. This profile plays a vital role in attracting new customers, building brand credibility, and boosting your online visibility. However, businesses evolve, and sometimes, this evolution requires a name change. If you’re considering or planning to change your business name, understanding how to update your GBP is crucial to maintaining your online presence and avoiding confusion among your customer base.

Why Change Your Google Business Profile Name?

Several factors might lead you to change your business name on your Google Business Profile:

  • Rebranding: Perhaps you’re revamping your brand image with a fresh name that better reflects your expanded services, target audience, or evolved business vision.
  • Merger or Acquisition: If your business has merged with another entity or been acquired, a name change might be necessary to reflect the new business structure.
  • Legal Requirements: In some cases, legal issues or trademark disputes might necessitate a name change.
  • Expansion or Diversification: If you’re branching out into new markets or product lines, a name change can help you target a broader audience.

Before You Change Your GBP Name

Before you dive into updating your GBP, consider these crucial preparatory steps:

1. Update All Other Business Documentation

Ensure your new business name is officially registered and reflected across all legal and financial documentation. This includes:

  • Business licenses and permits
  • Tax identification documents
  • Bank accounts
  • Contracts and agreements

2. Notify Key Stakeholders

Transparency is paramount. Inform your employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders about the upcoming name change. Utilize various communication channels like email, your website, social media, and in-store signage to announce the change effectively.

3. Prepare Your Website and Marketing Materials

If your website and marketing materials feature your old business name, start planning the necessary updates to reflect the new name. This ensures consistency across all your online and offline platforms.

How to Change Your Name on Google Business Profile

Google has streamlined the process of changing your business name on your GBP. Follow these steps for a seamless transition:

1. Sign in to Your Google Business Profile

Visit the Google My Business website ( and sign in with the Google account associated with your business profile. If you manage multiple locations, ensure you’ve selected the correct profile.

2. Access the Info Section

From your GBP dashboard, locate the Info section in the left-hand menu. Click on it to access your business information.

3. Edit Your Business Name

Click on the pencil icon next to your existing business name. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to enter your new business name. Double-check for accuracy, as even minor typos can impact search results.

4. Submit for Review

Once you’ve entered your new name, click Apply. Google will review your request, which typically takes a few business days. You’ll receive an email notification once the name change is approved and live on your GBP.

After the Name Change: What to Do

After successfully changing your GBP name, a few essential post-change actions will help you maintain your online visibility and brand consistency:

1. Verify Your Business Information

Double-check that all other information on your GBP, such as your address, phone number, website URL, and business hours, is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Encourage Customer Reviews

Actively encourage customers to leave reviews under your new business name. Reviews are a powerful tool for building trust and attracting new customers. Respond to reviews thoughtfully to show your audience that you value their feedback.

3. Update Local Citations

Ensure your new business name is consistent across all online platforms where your business is listed, including directories, review websites, and social media platforms.

4. Monitor Your GBP Performance

Regularly monitor your GBP insights to track how the name change impacts your visibility and customer engagement. Adjust your strategies as needed to optimize your online presence.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

While changing your Google Business Profile name is generally straightforward, occasional issues might arise. Here are some common problems and potential solutions:

1. Delays in Approval

Google’s review process might take longer due to various factors, such as high volume or complexity of your request. Be patient and avoid resubmitting the name change multiple times, as this can further delay the process.

2. Name Change Rejected

Google might reject your name change if it doesn’t adhere to their guidelines. Ensure your new name is accurate, relevant to your business, and avoids unnecessary keywords or promotional language. If your name change is rejected, review Google’s guidelines and revise your request accordingly.

3. Duplicate Listings

If you encounter a duplicate listing with your old business name, you can request its removal through your GBP dashboard. Duplicate listings can confuse customers and negatively impact your search ranking.


Changing your Google Business Profile name is a significant step for your business, reflecting growth, evolution, or a shift in brand identity. By carefully following these steps and proactively addressing any issues, you can ensure a seamless transition and maintain a strong online presence throughout the process. Remember, your Google Business Profile is a powerful tool for attracting customers, building brand awareness, and driving success in the digital landscape.

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