Author: Matt Kallunki

Background and Experience Born in North Carolina and raised in a military family that moved frequently across North America, Europe, and Hong Kong, Matt Kallunki learned the values of adaptability and resilience from an early age. He enlisted in the Army National Guard at 17, bringing dedication and commitment to his service—a trait he has carried through every opportunity since. His education at Utah Valley University and later at Utah State University, along with diverse roles in technology, hospitality, and marketing, has shaped a career marked by innovation and leadership. As a veteran, Kallunki proudly leads Zing Business Systems, a veteran-owned and operated business. Inspiration and Innovation The constant throughout Kallunki’s career has been the importance of effective marketing—an insight first gained while running his initial restaurant. This understanding guided him through various entrepreneurial and consulting roles, eventually leading to the foundation of Zing Business Systems. Here, Kallunki has harnessed emerging technologies to provide small businesses with smart, scalable communication solutions. Zing Business Systems: Bridging Technology and Opportunity Zing Business Systems turns everyday challenges into growth opportunities. The company's flagship service, the Missed Call Text Back, ensures that small businesses never miss out on potential customer engagements. Kallunki equips his clients with tools that streamline communication, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—their core business and customer relationships. Customer Impact Kallunki's technology revolutionizes how businesses interact with customers. From automotive to professional services, he helps business owners centralize operations and automate routine tasks, significantly enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Looking Ahead Dedicated to continuous innovation and expansion, Zing Business Systems is committed to empowering more businesses with effective communication tools. With over two decades of marketing experience and a lifelong passion for service, Kallunki is redefining standards in business engagement and management. More About Matt In addition to his professional pursuits, Matt Kallunki is a lifelong motivated learner with a diverse array of hobbies and interests that span both creative and technical fields. From open boat sailing and spear fishing to ham radio operation and gardening, Matt's activities reflect his broad interests and relentless curiosity. A Cold War to present military enthusiast and avid reader, he also indulges in audiobooks, constantly seeking new knowledge and adventures. As a certified scuba instructor and divemaster, Matt takes his passion for exploration below the water's surface, teaching others and enjoying the serene beauty of the underwater world. His love for hands-on creation is evident in his skills in woodworking and metalworking, while his technical acumen shines through in his interests in cybersecurity and networking. Photography is another passion, capturing moments from his ventures and everyday life, showcasing his artistic eye and attention to detail. Whether it’s running marathons, launching high-powered rockets, or nurturing his garden, each hobby Matt engages in reflects a facet of his dynamic personality and relentless pursuit of growth and excellence. Connect with Matt Kallunki You can connect with Matt and learn more about his work and Zing Business Systems through various platforms: Visit for social and medial links.

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