When to Apply for LSE’s LLM Program?

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the world’s leading universities and its LLM (Master of Laws) program is highly sought after by students from across the globe. If you are considering applying to LSE’s LLM program, knowing the right time to apply can significantly enhance your chances of securing a place. This article provides a comprehensive guide on when to apply for the LLM program at LSE.

Application Deadlines

LSE operates on a rolling admissions process, meaning that applications are considered as they are received. However, there are key deadlines to keep in mind:

  • Mid-November: Applications for the forthcoming academic year typically open around mid-November. It is advisable to start your application as soon as the portal opens.
  • End of March: The primary deadline for submitting your application is by the end of March. This gives the admissions committee ample time to review your application and make a decision.
  • Rolling Basis Decisions: Offers are made on a rolling basis. Early applications are encouraged as places can fill up quickly.

Although applications are accepted past the end of March, there is a risk that the program may already be full. Hence, submitting your application well before this deadline is recommended.

Optimal Times to Apply

Applying early has several advantages:

  • Increased Availability of Scholarships: Many scholarships have early deadlines. By applying early, you position yourself to avail of financial assistance opportunities.
  • Priority Consideration: Early applicants tend to receive priority consideration given the rolling admission nature of the program.

For international students, early application is crucial. This allows ample time to handle potential visa issues or any other administrative requirements that could arise.

Preparing Your Application

Thorough preparation is key to a successful application. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Research: Begin by researching the LSE LLM program and its specific requirements. Visit the official LSE Law Department website for detailed information.
  • Gather Documents: Prepare all required documents, including transcripts, references, personal statement, and any additional materials specific to the LLM program.
  • Personal Statement: Draft a compelling personal statement that aligns with LSE’s values and showcases your qualifications and motivations.
  • Referees: Choose and brief your referees early. Academics prefer being given sufficient time to write thoughtful recommendations.

Interviews and Decisions

After submitting your application, you may be called for an interview. This is common, especially for competitive programs like the LLM. Ensure you prepare adequately, demonstrating your enthusiasm and suitability for the program.

The decision from LSE can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the volume of applications. Thus, applying early not only improves your chances of admission but also provides peace of mind by potentially receiving a decision sooner.


Applying to LSE’s LLM program requires timely and strategic planning. With applications opening in mid-November and closing at the end of March, it is advisable to apply as early as possible. Early applications benefit from greater availability of places and scholarships, and they ensure ample time to address any administrative hurdles. By preparing your application thoroughly and adhering to these timelines, you stand a strong chance of securing a place in this prestigious program.

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