Troubleshooting Google Business Profile Video Verification Not Working

You’re ready to unlock the power of Google Business Profile (GBP), eager to connect with potential customers searching for your products or services. But there’s a roadblock: video verification isn’t working. You’ve shot the video multiple times, meticulously following Google’s instructions, but the verification gods remain unappeased.

Don’t despair. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through common hiccups and provide solutions to get your GBP video verification back on track.

Understanding GBP Video Verification

Before diving into troubleshooting, it’s crucial to understand the why behind video verification. It’s Google’s way of ensuring businesses are legitimate and operate at the location they claim. Think of it as a digital handshake that builds trust between Google, businesses, and customers.

Common Reasons Video Verification Fails

Let’s examine the usual suspects behind video verification woes:

1. Technical Issues

  • Poor Video Quality: Google requires clear, well-lit videos. Ensure your footage is free from blurriness, excessive graininess, or shaky camera work.
  • Incorrect File Format: Google accepts specific video formats like MP4 or MOV. Double-check you’re using a compatible format.
  • Large File Size: Overly large files can cause upload problems. Aim for a file size within Google’s recommended limits.
  • Slow Internet Connection: A sluggish internet connection can disrupt the upload process, leading to incomplete submissions.

2. Content Issues

  • Missing Elements: Google provides specific instructions on what your video must include. This typically involves showcasing your business’s exterior, interior, signage, equipment, and staff. Ensure your video captures all these essential elements.
  • Insufficient Information: Your video should clearly establish your business operates at the listed address. Showcase unique features that tie your business to the location.
  • Edited or Misleading Content: Stick to raw, unedited footage. Avoid using filters, special effects, or misleading edits that don’t accurately represent your business.
  • Inappropriate Content: Keep it professional. Avoid anything that could be considered offensive, controversial, or violates Google’s content policies.

3. Google My Business Account Issues

  • Pending Verification: Sometimes, the issue isn’t with your video but a backlog in Google’s verification process. Patience is key, as it might take a few days for Google to review your submission.
  • Account Suspension or Issues: If your GBP account faces suspension or other issues, video verification might be blocked until those issues are resolved.

Troubleshooting Steps

Let’s tackle these issues head-on with practical solutions.

1. Resolving Technical Issues

  • Improve Video Quality: Invest in good lighting, use a tripod for stability, and shoot in high resolution. Use a video editing tool to enhance the video quality if needed.
  • Verify File Format and Size: Convert your video to an accepted format like MP4 and ensure the file size adheres to Google’s guidelines.
  • Optimize Internet Connection: Connect to a strong and stable internet source. Consider a wired connection for faster speeds and fewer interruptions.

2. Refining Content

  • Review Google’s Guidelines: Carefully study Google’s video verification instructions. Ensure your video includes all required elements and showcases your business clearly.
  • Reshoot the Video: Don’t be afraid to start fresh. Create a new video that addresses any shortcomings identified in the previous attempt.
  • Seek Feedback: Share your video with trusted colleagues or friends for an objective perspective. They might spot issues you’ve overlooked.

3. Addressing GBP Account Issues

  • Check for Pending Verification: Log in to your GBP account and check the verification status. If it’s pending, exercise patience and wait for Google’s review.
  • Contact Google Support: If you suspect account-related issues or have waited an unusually long time for verification, reach out to Google’s support team for assistance.

Preventing Future Verification Issues

Prevention is better than cure. Here’s how to streamline future verification attempts:

  • Meticulous Planning: Before shooting, plan your video’s flow and ensure it captures all required elements.
  • Thorough Review: After shooting, review the video multiple times to catch any errors or omissions.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Google’s video verification guidelines as they might change periodically.

Seeking Expert Assistance

If troubleshooting proves futile, seeking professional assistance can be the most efficient solution. Experts specializing in GBP optimization can provide:

  • Expert Video Production: Crafting high-quality videos specifically tailored to Google’s requirements.
  • Troubleshooting and Support: Diagnosing the root cause of verification issues and providing tailored solutions.
  • Account Management and Optimization: Managing your GBP account for optimal performance and visibility.


Troubleshooting Google Business Profile video verification issues can be frustrating, but it’s not an insurmountable hurdle. By understanding common causes and implementing the outlined solutions, you can increase your chances of successful verification. And remember, expert assistance is always an option if DIY efforts fall short.

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